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Interactive Video & Web Video Production

I love cutting-edge visual story-telling, particularly by the means of interactive video accompanied by original music production. One of my biggest passions is creating emotive and truely engaging experiences to help communicate the core essence of an idea, product or service.
I’m passionate about helping you shine online by truly engaging your customers.

Watching Trends & Finger on the pulse

Things more fast in the world of media and technology, so I keep up to date with emerging trends and ensure that the user experience remains the top priority, while still retaining visual sophistication.

Creative Power & Great results

My name is Esther Bertram and due to my passion for design, technology and optimisation, I founded Web Presence to help as many businesses as I can to shine online, by creative emotive and engaging media.

Interactivity & Engagement for Sales

I want your customers to have the most engaging user experience as they can have, making it exciting for them to connect with you. I like keeping things playful yet professional.

My personal mission = To transport emotive stories from one heart to many. My name is Esther Bertram and I’ve recently moved my productive and creative home studio I call Web Presence, into the tranquil surroundings of Warburton, at the foot of the Yarra Ranges. I love helping small businesses to shine online through visual and audio story-telling, so they can really connect with their customers in an authentic and emotive way. Ever since I was a child I have loved connecting with people and giving them experiences to make them feel, think and smile. For over a decade I did this in the form of being a singer/songwriter and music video producer, touring and performing all over Europe, engaging with audiences large and small, sharing my original songs of love, philosophy and life. I learnt then, that if you want to reach the hearts of many, you need to open your own heart far wide and share your inner truth with confidence and creativity. When I was a little tired of the constant touring, I then turned to a longer form of expression, and I took 5 years to write a novel “November Fox” that also uses Augmented Reality with video and audio to deepen the readers experience of the tale. I have always loved technology and I enjoy staying on the cutting-edge of what’s possible when it comes to creative expression, and using tech with art. From creating November Fox I learnt, to truly engage readers, you need to give depth to your narrative and include them in the unfolding adventure. Ove the last two decades I have also created various videos, for various other people and businesses besides my own need for expression, and I have loved being part of helping them reach more customers with something that is real and emotive.
When recently making a series of interview style videos for company I work for called Mini Maestros, I learnt than getting up close and personal and facilitating a space the interviewees can relax was the best way to let them really show their authentic side. The overarching thing I have come to realise in my 20+ years of various music and media production experience, is that I love nothing more, than connecting to what is true and real, giving it an emotive outlet and sharing it with the world. It doesn’t matter if it is my story or the story of others, my passion is in finding these personal myths and giving them a creative and professional entry into the world, so that they can reach the hearts of others. I suppose you could call me a heart connector. I see my gift as having the ability to tune into the story of your heart, and then build it a vehicle for it to reach the many hearts of others, and because of my years of experience in both marketing and video and audio production, I have the skills and knowledge to build you a vehicle that is perfectly suited to the vibe of what you create, whether you would like a relaxed, country styled, simple production or a fast, modern, flash and interactive experience for your viewers. Whatever you require, I can create. Plus I can work with all kinds on budgets as there is always a way you can cut back or spend more, depending what outcome you wish to have. Whatever you decide, I will offer an all-inclusive price, even when I end up working on your project longer than expected, giving you the peace of mind that the job will be completed within budget. So get in touch today and I can start the process of understanding the heart of your business, so I can build a video vehicle to reach the many hearts of your current and future customers, so you can truely shine online.

Examples of my work, including book trailers, a music video clip & interview styled videos…Click to view…